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Greg Brooks


Prior to returning to FAA, He was appointed to serve under three former State of OklahomaGovernors on the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.  He was the state coordinator for the “National Employee’s Health and Fitness Day” during 1991 and 1992 in which over 5000 individuals participated. He has also served as a Board Member on the Oklahoma Health Planning Commission and as an ad hoc contributor on the Oklahoma Rural Health Planning Commission.  Within the FAA, He was elected and has Co-Chaired the FAA Labor/Management Forum in Washington, DC and has also participated on the MMAC Labor-Management Forum in Oklahoma City.  In addition, served as the AFGE Representative  on the DOT OSHECOMM; in conjunction serving locally as the AFGE OSHECOMM representative by virtue of his elected office as the President of AFGE Local 2282. He also serves and participates presently as the National President on the FAA’s Employee Association’s (EA) National Employee Forum (NEF)and represents the “National Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees with Disabilities” (NCFAED);which coincides with the ATO’s Leadership Career Development (LCD) program.

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National Director of Resources, (Treasurer)

Pamela Selbe in 2016 joined (NCFAED) National Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees W-Disabilities and appointed NCFAED Treasurer March 2017.  Pamela is a Computer Specialist System Analyst for the Federal Aviation Administration since 2009 supporting ATO’s Customer Financial Inquiry (CFI) application and AML’s Bulk Purchase Agreement application.  She is a Program for Emerging Leaders (PEL) participant.  Pamela’s professional credentials include an M.A. in Computer Resources Information Management. 

Pamela came to the FAA from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) in Washington DC, where she wore several hats as a Program Manager and Account Manager. There, she provided IT technical expertise for USA Staffing automated government hiring tool, as well as consulting and examining services to various Federal agencies, assisting them in recruiting a high quality, diverse workforce.

Before OPM, Pamela served our US Veterans for eleven years as Program Manager, IT Training Coordinator, and IT Specialist with the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

As part of her career path, Pamela spent seven years with Hertz Corporation at the Data Center as Programmer to Program Analyst, converting international IT systems and globalizing international accounts receivable systems to one system in Oklahoma City.

Pamela has served the local and international communities as President of the Oklahoma Chapter for Scleroderma.  As a Rotarian with the Capitol Hill Rotary Club in Washington, DC and Midwest City, she helped to promote international relations by improving school facilities and living conditions in Mexico and served with a 53 medical volunteer team for two weeks, providing medical and dental treatment to over 10,000 children.  As a Pilot Ground Advisor with Challenge Air, providing motivational, inspirational and life-changing experiences to physically challenged children and youth through aviation.  As President of the Del City Dog Park Association, she received over $26,000 in awarded foundation grants to improve the dog park.

Her additional professional affiliations have included Technical Women’s Organization (TWO), Association for Talent Development, Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, the Association for Training and Development, and the Federal Employed Women’s Program.   

Her hobbies and interest include; horseback riding, repelling, rock climbing, snow skiing, water skiing, hiking, camping, tennis, volleyball, softball, photography, reading, and quilting.


Erin Trowbridge 

National Director of Public Affairs

is a NOM in the NOCC, which is part of the NOG, located at the Air Traffic Control System Command Center (ATCSCC), in Warrenton, Virginia.

The NOCC manages the National Airspace System (NAS) infrastructure from a national perspective and coordinates/allocates NAS resources to provide services efficiently in response to customer needs and performance expectations.

Prior to working at the NOCC, Ms. Trowbridge worked at the Atlantic Operations Control Center (AOCC), as an Operations Specialist.

Erin received Associate’s Degrees in Electronic Technology and Psychology with honors in 1998.

For the past thirty-five years, Erin has worked for the Federal Aviation Administration, the Department of Defense, and the United States Army. She has served in administrative positions and as an Airway Transportation Systems Specialist (ATSS) at various locations.

Erin is a member of the National Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees with Disabilities (NCFAED) and is the Director of Public Affairs. She is also a long-time member of the Technical Women’s Organization (TWO).

Her hobbies/interests include volunteering, collecting penguin memorabilia, cross stitch, reading and listening to contemporary jazz.


Monty Youngblood

National Director of Systemic Disabilities

is currently the Director of Systemic Disabilities.  He has been a NCFAED member since 2016.  He started his Federal career in 1994 with the Federal Aviation Administration in the Southwest Region Flight Standards Division.  He has also held Administrative Safety Assistant positions in the Fort Worth and North Texas FSDO’s.  Monty currently works in the Southwest Regional Office Flight Standards Division as a Management Assistant for the Safety Analysis and Evaluation Branch, AFB-470. 

He joined NCFAED to ensure the concerns of the disabled work force are addressed with FAA management.



National Director of Personal Mobility Disabilities

Malin Mong is currently the NCFAED Vice President of Personal Mobility Disabilities. He has been a NCFAED member since 2014.  He started his Federal career in 1985 with the Department of Defense Naval Air System Command and worked for the DOT Office of the Secretary B-30.   He currently works as a System Accountant for the Office of the Deputy Assistant Administrator for Financial Services/CFO, ABA-1 in the Cost Accounting Branch AFO-330.

His ABA Management has been very accommodating to ensure his disability did not impede him from doing his job by approving him to park in the FOB 10A Washington Headquarters Building or offering telework options.

He joined NCFAED once learning that this Employee Association provided a voice for employees with disabilities with FAA Management.  He understood that it was important for FAA employees with disabilities to have their concerns considered in FAA’s daily workforce management decisions.

All FAA employees should consider joining NCFAED as everyone could potentially develop a disability while working just like he did.  In 2005, he had to undergo spinal cord surgery that left him with a mobility disability.  Prior to 2005 he did not have this disability.


Andi (Andrea) Harris

National Director of Administration

Andi (Andrea) Harris is currently the National Director of Administration with the National Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees with Disabilities (NCFAED), she became a member in 2014.  Andi joined the Federal Aviation Administration in 2014 after being told by her physician she needed to change to a position where she is not on her feet all the time due to her physical challenges.  Andi does not believe in disabilities (it is a label for those of us with different challenges) she believes we all just face different challenges but those challenges will not stop us from achieving our goals.  Andi joined NCFAED because she saw it as a way to help others with challenges to reach their goals in the FAA.  

Andi has her Bachelors in Business Management and her Master’s in Business Administration.  Andi is the Administrative Assistant in the Air Traffic Oversight Service (AOV) Seattle office where she also works with the Seattle Civil Rights office.