October 5, 2017



Oklahoma City, Oklahoma- On October 11, 2017 the National Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees with Disabilities (NCFAED) the Office of Human Resources-AHR, the Office of Civil Rights-ACR and supported by the Quality Systems and Business Resource Division-

AMC-3 will conduct the National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) celebration at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center (MMAC).

Opening remarks will be provided by the MMAC Aeronautical Director Michelle Coppedge and the master of ceremonies will be an original NCFAED founding member, Danny Thomas. 

The FAA Administrator, Michael Huerta will be providing a video stream to be shown-that supports this year’s theme, “Inclusion Drives Innovation.”

Jeff Hughes, Director of Progressive Independence located in Norman, Oklahoma will be the event’s Guest Speaker.  In conjunction with the celebration NCFAED will present five Keller-Sullivan awards.

Helen Keller’s mentor Anne Sullivan successfully broke all physical barriers that permitted her to overcome the seclusion imposed by a childhood illness.  So, it is with great honor and pride that NCFAED recognizes these remarkable women for their unimaginable lifetime achievements. NCFAED intends that their legacy continues with an award that recognize those who share the same vitality and drive to overcome the unstoppable when faced with insurmountable odds.

There are 5 worthy recipients; from the AMA-405’s Academy Staff Members that assure their 36 year career tenured disabled employee has all the tools to make her day manageable to Barry Switzer, the former collegiate and NFL coach.  Coach Switzer is the founding organizer of the Swing for Sight golf tournaments, which have raised thousands of dollars for the Society for the Prevention of Blindness.  And, for the past 40 years, he has also given his name, time and participation as the Honorary Head Coach of the Oklahoma Special Olympics. 

Concurring, with the day’s event will be the Information Trade Fair. This meet and greet environment will provide 25 plus Oklahoma State Wide Agency Vendors with an opportunity to show case their services and goods to the 5000 plus full time employees and contractors who are on campus at the MMAC.  NCFAED’s goal is to educate as many personnel as possible concerning what State services can benefit their family members, satisfy their personal needs and then be able to share this experience with others.  NCFAED supports the message in advancing this progression to insure that every Oklahoman gets the assistance they desire.

Within the following weeks in October there will be a series of FAA Manager’s training events on Campus to educate and advance “Direct Hire” initiatives and “Reasonable Accommodation” objectives.

And, ending the month’s undertakings, will be the disability career candidate hiring event to be held on October 25th at the Oklahoma City Community College.

The October 11, 2017 celebration will also be video streamed on the following links;

https://employees.faa.gov/tv/live/      http://www.faa.gov/tv/videoontheweb/HQWebTV-HS.asx

NCFAED embraces the challenges that our members and non-members are daily overwhelmed with.  It’s with collaboration and education that we promote disability related concerns to the front and center.  Inclusiveness and Diversity (D & I) must be a goal for everyone not just someone.  

If you’re interested in joining NCFAED please send an inquiry to; info@ncfaed.org


Gregory A. Brooks

NCFAED National President